Driving strong business growth in the modern workplace requires powerful, seamlessly integrated, enterprise level systems and IT solutions. Migrating from an on-premise environment to one hosted in Microsoft’s public cloud offers compelling benefits for IT divisions in need of practical and comprehensive solutions. Many companies are making the switch, however, most are not benefiting from the full features of O365 due to not accessing the variety of features available.

Altiatech’s mission is to help organisations, large and small, achieve more through its range of Transformation and Managed Services. Our team is passionate about enabling every business to maximise their investment in Office 365, Azure, and Enterprise Mobility +Security whilst empowering their entire workforce. As such, we have partnered with 365Tribe to help customers access more of their O365.

365Tribe is a company renowned for ensuring their clientele all over the globe achieve successful adoption of Office 365 workloads. The team at 365Tribe thrive on helping new and existing customers make the most of their IT tools. From the point of introduction to the acclimation and training stages, 365Tribe guide customers through every step of the adoption process.

With closely aligned missions and core values along with complimentary skillsets and services, a partnership between Altiatech and 365Tribe was a natural fit. The two companies have built a strong, symbiotic relationship to offer end-to-end solutions for their customers through a strategic unified delivery of Office 365.

Both companies strive to become valued members of an organisation’s virtual team: Altiatech through its Transformation & Managed Services and 365Tribe through its Digital Champions Programme. The two organisations echo the same aspirations and goals of ensuring each client maximises its investment.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Centre, Windows, Devices and Unified Communications, Altiatech boasts a team of certified and highly experienced professionals. 365Tribe’s training and coaching packages help end-users achieve greater efficiency and a significant increase in productivity.

Clients working with both companies will benefit from a continual flow of support and assistance in the migration and adoption of Office 365 workloads. Every organisation switching to Office 365 will continue to receive outstanding support while experiencing a higher level of return in their investment.

“Altiatech welcomes 365Tribe as Office 365 Adoption partner of choice. We’re delighted to have 365Tribe join us during such an exciting time in digital transformation and know that the many organisations we help with deploying Office 365 will benefit from the highly skilled adoption solutions 365Tribe deliver. We are always looking to grow our partner portfolio and the collaboration between 365Tribe will revolutionise how companies will operate. Our new partnership will permit companies to enter new markets and field new products that they otherwise couldn’t do on their own. During times of digital change, taking advantage of our new partnership will be the quickest way to grow your company.”

Shrikar Shah, Director of Altiatech.

“We are always looking to strengthen our strategic alliances through carefully aligned partnerships. We see a real synergy between Altiatech and 365Tribe and are excited to bring our joint offering to market. Both new and existing customers of both companies can benefit from the increased breadth of Office 365 services we are now able to provide. More than ever, businesses are understanding the importance of adopting Office 365 properly first time round to ensure the realisation of benefits it brings to the table. Altiatech’s customers are in safe hands with 365Tribe and our industry leading adoption strategies and solutions.”

Zoe Watson, 365Tribe Co-Founder and Director.

More than ever before, companies are expanding across several locations. Dealing with acquisitions and mergers, moving to new territories, and occupying many sites. With the increasing demand for organisations to adopt modern a workplace, powerful, streamlined systems integration is a must-have. Altiatech and 365Tribe look forward to unifying your services and facilitating your digital transformation.

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