Microsoft 365 Adoption

We love helping our clients with their Microsoft 365 Adoption journey,  so they can maximise their investment in Microsoft 365.

Our Adoption Roadmap is carefully designed using years of knowledge and experience gained by working with a range of organisations.

Wherever you are in your journey to Digital Transformation, we can help.

User Engagement

Creating awareness

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the way we communicate and work with each other. Organisations recognise that in order to drive innovation and increase productivity they must transform their workforce, encourage open communications and engage people, from stakeholders to end users.

Any organisation embarking on a move to a new modern way of working, can maximise the success of the project by ensuring they communicate their plans with their users to create awareness, incentivise and ensure users are intrigued about the possibilities the new platform will bring.

YourEngagement options include:

  • Campaign Planning
  • Communication Templates
  • Promotional Materials
  • Launch Videos

Waffle Bar Events

Engaging Events

Engaging users early in the adoption process, prior to go-live can help to ensure successful user adoption. WAFFLEBARS are engaging events that build excitement and begin to tease the benefits Microsoft 365 will bring. ​

During the event users are shown very specific ways in which they can streamline the way they work by utilising Microsoft 365, whilst enjoying complimentary Waffles!

Key Benefits include:

  • Build enthusiasm for adopting new ways of working
  • Create a circle of influence
  • Deliver business change messaging
  • Increase user awareness and engagement​

Digital Champions programme

Empower your Microsoft 365 Workforce to drive change

Our Digital Champion Programme is designed to deliver a fully managed service to help organisations build, deliver, sustain and grow a highly effective network of Digital Champions.

Using our experience working with 100’s of organisations, we have taken all of the best elements to give you the definitive out of the box Champion Programme.

No longer do you need to find the time, resource, knowledge, experience, inspiration and supplementary learning to build your network.

Best of all, it’s delivered using your existing investment in Microsoft 365.

Champions Programmes Include:

  • Recruitment and Onboarding
  • Learning and Assessment
  • Community and Support
  • Interaction and Motivation
  • Analytics, Gamification and Reporting
  • 100% Managed Service
  • Delivered through Microsoft Teams
  • Full integrated FAQ Champ BOT

On-Demand Videos

Microsoft 365 Digital Learning Content. Reimagined.

Our portfolio of on-demand bite-sized videos covers all the tasks users would need to know to work effectively within a Microsoft 365 environment.

Updated on a monthly basis, our videos enable users to keep up to date with the latest Microsoft 365 features, whilst helping you achieve successful Microsoft 365 Adoption.

YOURKNOWHOW Video Subscription Includes:

  • Over 300 Microsoft 365 Task-Based Videos
  • 2-4 Minute Bite Sized Learning
  • Designed to focus on key day to day tasks
  • Simple tips and tricks to increase productivity
  • Simple deployment, Azure, Stream, SCORM Compliant for LMS
  • Monthly content updates inline with Microsoft
  • Flexible annual license

Tailored Workshops

Educating users within a Microsoft 365 environment and keeping them up to speed with the latest tips and tricks, helps to ensure users gain the required knowledge to to become more productive in their day to day tasks.

365Tribe delivers learning via a selection of services, designed to provide users with short focused learning on the latest features and tips and tricks, using key business scenarios and use cases.

User Enablement Services include:

  • Workshops delivered your way - tailored to meet your requirements
  • Short webinar sessions focusing on key topics and business scenarios
  • Drop in Clinics
  • Live Lunch and Learn Sessions
  • Train the Trainer


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