Digital Champion Programme

A fully managed Digital Champions Programme designed to capture the hearts and minds of your community whilst empowering your Champions to drive change.

Our YourChampions programme is delivered through Microsoft Teams, ensuring Digital Champions are immediately onboarded into one of the key workloads. We work with you to identify, recruit, and onboard your Digital Champion Community into your own environment.

The YourChampions program is designed to engage a community of Champions from the beginning. We deliver a structured offering that engages your Champions, delivers real-world, up-to-date learning, and assesses their competency.

Digital Champions are incentivised to learn and share their knowledge and ideas within your business through our set of unique Champion Challenges.

The Digital Champions community grows and remains engaged and enthused through our digital badge awards and gamified approach.

All delivered via your Microsoft 365 platform and supported by our team of Microsoft 365 Digital Champion experts.

Digital Champions Programme
Digital Champions Programme logo

Creating and sustaining an engaged network of Digital Champions

No longer do you need to find the time, resource, knowledge, experience, and content to build your Digital Champions network.

Now with fully integrated Microsoft Teams Champ BOT
Microsoft 365 Adoption Championed
  • Engage: We Identify, engage and onboard the right people to grow your network of Change Agents.
  • Enable: We deliver structured, on-demand and live learning, your way with the power of Microsoft 365.
  • Assess: We harness Champion learning to demonstrate knowledge, storytelling and real-world use cases.
  • Reward: We recognise and reward your Community of Champions with Digital Credentials and on the spot prizes
  • Influence: We create Digital Champions that realise value, evangelise, support, and drive change!
  • Reporting: We providing insight into your Champions and Wider Adoption Success
  • Support: Your Champions have access to a dedicated team of 365 experts

Best of all, it’s delivered using your existing investment in Microsoft 365

Hear from our Champions

Champions Feedback

1000’s of Digital Badges earned to date. Here are what some of our digital champions had to say.


“I have been blown away by the ease of use and the massive possibilities that have now opened up, truly a game-changer. I have been in public service for nearly 40 years and this is the best piece of change management I have come across”

Some of our Clients