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A community of Digital Champions are one of the essential success factors for driving sustained adoption and continual value of Office 365. To develop a community of any sort, requires; planning, time and commitment to engage with the community, however the reality is that those who are responsible for the adoption of Office 365 just don’t have the time as they are often managing multiple projects, or that this is a small part of their day to day role.  

As a result of mismanaged communities, we often see networks fizzle out or that there are numerous ‘champions’ networks that have sprung up across the organisation with inconsistent messaging that leads to user frustration and confusion. Our Digital Champion programme ensures that you get it right – first time.  

Our YourChampions Digital Champion programme is designed to engage a community of Champions from the beginning. We’ve created a structured offering that engages your Champions, delivers real world, up to date learning, assesses their competency and encourages them to drive adoption.

Your Champions community grows and remains engaged and enthused through our digital badge awards and gamified approach. All delivered as a fully managed service, with on-demand access to a 365Tribe dedicated Office 365 Expert and Office 365 Community Manager.

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Identify, Recruit, On-board and Engage your champion community!

Critical to the success of your network is to find Champions with the right skills and qualities. 365Tribe can assist you with identifying great Champions, first time around. We help you to identify and recruit engaged Champions that are fully briefed on our expectations of them. Our on-boarding webinars introduce the Champions community to their Office 365 Expert, explain how the programme works and enthuse the Champions about the benefits the programme will bring.


Enable your Champions with access to learning content!

365Tribe provides Champions with access to a library of Office 365 bite sized ‘how to’ videos and Tribe Philosophy Videos created to help Champions and Users understand the benefits of the environment, our unique Champions Challenges, designed to provide practical activity and encourage Champions to share information with users and exclusive Tips and Tricks and ‘Whats new’ features throughout the programme.

This unique approach ensures not only that your Champions are enabled but also that they are actively encouraged to share their knowledge and ideas within the business. Our Champion Challenges also ensure you build up an extensive set of use- cases/benefits realisation examples specific to your business.


Assess – it’s making sure it’s right!

Once your Champions have the required knowledge and have demonstrated that they are true Champions by influencing within your business, they can complete a Digital Knowledge Check. Assessing in this way, ensures your Champion Network has a minimum base level of knowledge which delivers a consistent experience for your users.


Reward your Champions!

Rewarding Champions with a Digital Badge for each Challenge and Knowledge Check completed leads to sustained success of your adoption journey.

Our gamified approach creates an atmosphere of friendly competition within your Champion network. Furthermore it provides structure and incentivises Champions to remain engaged, learning and demonstrating value to your business.

Reward and acknowledgement are key levers within Champion networks to ensure the networks remains confident, capable, engaged and thriving. Champions can display their achievements through the supplied Digital Badge in email signatures and social profiles.

Inter company/departmental leagues can also be created and managed.

Our weekly analytics and league tables generate unique insights into how your Digital Champions community is performing and encourages friendly competition between colleagues.



Engaged and enthusiastic Champions influencing and driving Digital Transformation!

Digital transformation is most successful when driven and supported by an engaged, influential network of Champions. Microsoft research suggests adoption of Office 365 is 74% greater when supported by a successful network of Champions.
Our proven, structured approach to delivering Champions programs for Office 365 adoption gives you the reassurance that you are creating industry leading Champions with real influence.

What's included?

Our pricing model is designed to suit all budgets and all sizes of organisation delivering a cost effective solution and providing a return on your investment.

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Programme duration 

Key Business Scenario Identification Workshop

Custom set-up and deployment 

Key Business Scenario Focused

Champions OnBoarding 1 Hour Webinar

Regular staged reviews inline with your roll out

Champions Key Topic 1 Hour Webinars

Custom Online 3 Hour Champion Training Sessions

Integrated Office 365 Video Library including monthly updates

Integrated Champions Influential Challenges

Integrated Knowledge Checks

Delivered through Microsoft Teams

Weekly League Tables and Reporting

Digital Credential Badging

On-demand Office 365 Expert Project Manager 

On-demand Dedicated Community Administrator


12 Months





1 per month 



12 Months





1 per month



12 Months 





1 per month 



12 Months 





1 per month



1000’s of Digital Badges earned to date. Here are what some of our champions had to say.

We are the Champions!


The team at 365Tribe were delighted to be invited by partners Changing Social and Microsoft to take part in a Digital Champions event that took place at Microsoft Paddington, London.

Building out an effective Champion Network Event

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