Build and Sustain your Digital Champions network

We provide the time, resources and knowledge to build and maintain your network of Digital Champions.

Our Champions Programmes are designed exclusively to create a standalone, managed service to help organisations build, deliver, sustain and grow a highly effective network of Digital Champions.Using our experience working with 100’s of organisations, we have taken all of the best elements to give you the definitive out of the box Digital Champion Programme.

No longer do you need to find the time, resources, knowledge, experience, inspiration, and supplementary learning to build your network.

  • Recruitment and Onboarding
  • Learning and Assessment
  • Community and Support
  • Interaction and Motivation
  • Analytics, Gamification and Reporting
  • 100% Managed Service - an extension of your Team
  • Delivered through Microsoft Teams
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Creating Digital Superheroes that realise value, evangelise, support and drive change

  • Engage: Identify, Engage and onboard the right people and grow your network of Change Agents.
  • Enable: Structured, on-demand and live learning, delivered your way with the power of Microsoft 365.
  • Assess: Harness Champion learning to demonstrate knowledge and real-world use cases.
  • Reward: Recognise and reward your Community of Champions with Digital Credentials
  • Influence: Creating Digital Champions that realise value, evangelise, support, and drive change!
  • Reporting: Providing insight into your Champions and Wider Adoption Success
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The best of both worlds

365Tribe and Changing Social have joined forces to create Digital Champions on Demand. Enhancing our YourChampions Programme with Change Management driven activities to include Campaigns and Communications, and ensuring coaching Champions through a series of Soft Skill Webinars and support.

Added value

  • Digital Champions Planning Workshop
  • Key Business Scenario Driven Campaigns and Communication Templates
  • Dedicated Change Management Experts
  • Champions Coaching and SoftSkill Webinars
  • Quarterly Reports and Reviews
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Best of all, our programmes are delivered using your existing investment in Microsoft 365



Champions Recruitment 

Recruitment Comms Package

Key Business Scenario

focused content

Champions 1 hour Softskill Coaching Sessions

Champions OnBoarding 1 Hour Webinar & Recording

Webinar Invitations and Reporting 

Champions Community Webinars

Champions Live 1 hour Webinar Training Sessions

Quarterly Campaigns in line with your Key Business Scenarios

Quarterly Campaign Communications 

Over 250 Integrated Microsoft 365 Video inclusive

of monthly updates

Integrated Champions Influential Challenges

Integrated Knowledge Checks

Digital Badges 

Weekly Tips & Tricks 

Weekly League Tables and Reporting

Dedicated 365 Expert Champion Support 

Community Manager

Dedicated Change Management Expert

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1 per month 


Digital Champions on Demand



1 per month



1000’s of Digital Badges earned to date. Here are what some of our champions had to say.


“I have been blown away by the ease of use and the massive possibilities that have now opened up, truly a game-changer. I have been in public service for nearly 40 years and this is the best piece of change management I have come across”