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Our YourChampions fully managed Digital Champions Programme is delivered through Microsoft Teams, ensuring Digital Champions are immediately onboarded into one of the key workloads in a fully managed community environment.
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Digital Champions Feedback

Hear from our super happy Champions who have experienced first-hand the benefits of our Microsoft 365 Digital Champions Program and training services.

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Client Testimonials

What clients have to say

Water Aid

365Tribe has been an outstanding partner supporting my organisation into the journey of digital capability. They have a full bouquet of services to offer, ranging from the development of digital champions to engaging global audiences with updates and learning relating to digital tools.

Olympia London

What a refreshing experience to deal with a company that listens and is able to offer unique training not only to meet the training objectives but also to understand the subjects personality and mind set. Very positive experience from start to finish!

Beyond Housing

Beyond Housing has had such a fantastic year one with 365Tribe we're very excited to start our second year of the programme! Our colleagues have access to top of the range 365 learning and we've seen a significant growth in digital skills company wide

We’re proud to be a Microsoft 365 selected Adoption Partner

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Advantages of a Microsoft 365 Digital Transformation

We offer your team the necessary support during the Microsoft adoption, so that your organisation can reap long-term benefits.


When your team feels confident using all the Microsoft 365 applications, your services become more efficient. This translates to faster and better customer service.


Seamless communication and collaboration result in increased job satisfaction for your team, boosting morale and creating a positive work environment.


Embracing digital transformation empowers your workforce to excel in their roles. By streamlining processes and fostering agility, tasks are completed with greater speed and efficiency.


Our program equips your staff with the necessary skills and motivation to foster a happy and engaged workforce, resulting in long-term employee retention.


Cultivate a digital culture and enhance productivity by naturally spreading digital skills proficiency.


Empower your teams with peer-to-peer learning and save on costly organisation-wide training programs.


Frequently Ask Questions

In what ways does your adoption approach stand out from that of other providers?

Being a Microsoft partner, our adoption approach aligns with the Microsoft methodology, and all our Adoption Managers are certified specialists. What sets us apart from traditional providers is our innovative use of unique tools, programs, and interventions to tailor an adoption program to your specific needs. Our cutting-edge solutions leverage your existing Microsoft 365 investment, delivering a range of adoption services that effectively instill new working practices and skills within your organization.

We recognise the importance of Microsoft 365 adoption, but we are unsure of where to commence. Can you provide guidance?

Our consultants can collaborate with you from the project’s inception to identify where your adoption efforts should align with the technical aspects. This step is critical, as creating a compelling narrative for users about the benefits of Microsoft 365 drives successful adoption rates. We assist you in identifying your drivers for Microsoft 365, crafting appropriate messaging, and delivering a comprehensive adoption and business change program.

We have been informed of your Digital Champions programs. Could you explain how they could benefit us?

Our Digital Champions programs are industry-leading and highly regarded by our clients. While the concept of ‘Champions’ is not new, the adoption rates for Microsoft 365 can increase by up to 74% for organizations that implement a well-structured and well-managed network. The primary drawback of Champions networks is that they often lose direction, motivation, and rewards, resulting in a short-lived lifespan. However, 365Tribe defies this trend by cultivating and inspiring Digital Champions to achieve success and become true Champions. Our unique recognition and reward approach has resulted in up to 60% growth in some of our Digital Champions networks.

Do you provide standardised services, or are they customized to meet the specific requirements of each client?

365Tribe’s backbone is formed by eight adoption pillars, which can be chosen according to your current position in the adoption journey. Each “pillar” can be customized to meet your specific needs, ensuring the success of your digital transformation and adoption. Our solutions are designed to incorporate your KPIs and key business scenarios, delivering a personalized adoption strategy that meets and exceeds your expectations.

We have already transitioned to Microsoft 365, but there is a lack of user adoption. Could you assist us?

Undoubtedly, migrating to the cloud is one of the most significant changes in IT user practice over the past two decades. To ensure the success of Microsoft 365 adoption, a specific approach is required. Many organizations that attempt to undertake this process on their own or disregard it entirely consider their migration a failure. We can help you analyse your previous efforts and guide you towards driving adoption and boosting productivity with Microsoft 365.

Do you offer coverage and support for clients across different time zones?

Our OnDemand content is accessible 24/7, and all live events are recorded and made available around the clock. Moreover, our live events can be scheduled to run in any time zone.

To what extent can the content be tailored to meet our desired outcomes?

Our services are fully customizable, and we collaborate with you via workshops to comprehend your business objectives, governance, and structure. Subsequently, we create campaigns that are grounded in the outcomes (Key Business Scenarios).

Is it possible to share learning content with non-Champion users outside of the program?

In addition to sharing content like webinar recordings, bite-sized videos, and weekly M365 tips and tricks with their non-Champion colleagues, our Champions are motivated to demonstrate to users how they can utilize M365’s video content to help themselves. This approach reduces the workload for Champions and encourages a culture of self-learning and engagement among users. We simplify the sharing process by hosting the video content and providing Champions with helpful tips and mentor-specific webinars on how to effectively share information.

In what ways does your program promote the Champions to the general users so that they can be accessed as a resource for assistance?

Our fully integrated Teams Q&A BOT, Champ BOT, provides users with instant answers to any questions they may have regarding Microsoft 365 in both text and short learning video formats. Additionally, the Champ BOT will forward users’ questions to the Champion Community by creating an “Ask a Champion” channel within the Champions Team. Champions have complete visibility of the user’s inquiry and can provide answers to their questions while receiving acknowledgment in return. The Champ BOT uses AI to recall the answer in the event that another user asks the same question again. Moreover, Digital Champions are encouraged to enhance their profile through various activities.

Does your content cover the reasons behind each service, particularly Teams?

Certainly, our program accomplishes this in alignment with any governance or best practices you wish to promote. This is achieved through Key Business Scenarios that we collaborate with you to develop, allowing users to comprehend the why, what, and how of the system. Furthermore, we supplement this with our ‘Philosophy’ content, a collection of short videos created to assist users in understanding the advantages of Microsoft 365. These videos and principles are beneficial in all-user communications.

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