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Now that Teams is the de-facto App for communication, many of us spend more time crafting Teams posts than emails.Let’s spend a minute looking at how to win at Teams posts. 🏃‍♂️ Quickly start a Teams chat from anywhere in Teams without reaching for your mouse 🚫🐭 a. Press CTRL+N b. Begin typing the name […]

When working on something critical it is useful to have no interruptions for a few minutes. Microsoft encourage us to schedule focus time in our calendars, but sometimes we need focus time now! Hover your mouse pointer over the Teams app in the system tray to switch to Do Not Disturb (to switch off notifications) or another status […]

Word Online and modern versions of the Word desktop app are now capable of proofreading your documents for inclusiveness 😎` The inclusiveness feature can help you avoid bias in your writing based on age, culture, ethnicity, gender and more. 🕵️‍♀️ There are lots of other useful settings in the same place including “Cliche” that helps […]

The Power Platform elegantly solves real-world problems. 🦚 Here’s a great Video example of how in just 4 minutes, you can take a huge step forward in your knowledge. Our YourKnowHow 📽 Video library now includes a range of Power App Videos designed to help you get started. Find out more

Teams Breakout rooms is one of our latest YourKnowHow Videos. One of the most exciting and longed for new Teams features is here! Learn how to use Teams Breakout Rooms with our short video. Teams Breakout rooms is part of our collection of Microsoft 365 Videos. The YourKnowHow video library is available as a simple […]