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Author: Rob Pratt, Head of Product Development, 365Tribe When first using an app, we focus on the basics. We want to be competent and efficient as soon as possible. Hopefully gaining benefits often referred to as “quick wins”, including time savings, improved accuracy, better presentation, and other desirable outcomes. After the initial quick wins and […]

Tribe Remote Working Tips  With many of us unexpectedly working from home, the bark of a dog 🐕 or laugh of a child 🧒 (lets be honest probably a cry) can be distracting during online meetings. Use the ‘Mute All’ feature to temporarily mute everyone apart from you. Blissful silence (apart from the chaos in […]

Don’t miss this months exclusive Champions Community Webinar! ‘How to become the Perfect Champion’   This live webinar will give the Tribe Champion Community practical advice on how to excel as a Champion, keep your knowledge up to date, raise your profile within the organisation and share new information with your colleagues.   Access the […]