Exciting New Skills! Introducing Our Latest Teams Training Videos!

Help your users realise the benefits of Microsoft Teams with our collection of brand-new Microsoft Teams training videos! 🎓👥 These videos are designed to elevate collaboration, boost productivity, and help users master the power of Microsoft Teams.

🌐 What’s Inside:

  • What’s new: Explore the latest features in Teams and Teams Meetings
  • Productivity Boost: Discover time-saving features to make your workday more efficient.
  • Mastering Microsoft Teams: A range of Tips, Tricks and Features to help you collaborate better with colleagues.

📈 Why Choose Our YourKnowHow Videos?

  • Over 300 Microsoft 365 Videos
  • Developed by our Team of Experts
  • 2-4 Minute easy to consume bite-sized content
  • Fully narrated
  • Full HD with Captions
  • Simple deployment, Azure, Stream, SCORM Compliant
  • Monthly content updates inline with Microsoft 365
  • Custom Video Development Available

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