Why Do We Need a Managed Digital Champion Programme? 

Adoption of Digital tools and Modern Workplace doesn’t happen by accident. Most will realise that having a thriving network of change agents not only accelerates adoption of digital tools but also embeds a digital culture. However! We see success for organisations in this space so often limited by 4 key factors when it comes to managing their network of Digital Champions: 

  1. Availability and time 

Typically, when organisations start their own Champions programme, they assign the task to someone who already has a day job. Mistakenly they think it’s a task that will take a few hours a week. To be successful the network requires daily interaction and a full schedule of events. Our dedicated team for each client is made up of 3 M365 experts, 2 Community Managers and a Programme Manager to ensure a lack of time or availability isn’t a concern. 

  1. Understanding and Knowledge 

Managing change is a tricky business. Using our years of experience with 100’s of other organisations, we’ve seen pretty much every type of scenario and challenge. Marrying this with our deep knowledge of M365 and successful adoption approaches ensures you don’t need major inhouse upskill before you can get started. 

  1. Resource and Content 

Finding the latest content, in a consistent and engaging format in a crowded marketplace is tough. Making these micro investments and then curating the content is costly and time consuming making it challenging to produce a cohesive and current feel for users. 

  1.  Staying up to date 

Staying current in this ever-evolving landscape is a challenge for all organisations. Utilising a Microsoft Partner like 365Tribe ensures your staff have access to all the latest information and up to date techniques, often before they have even gone live. 

Analysing your commitment and existing investment in these 4 key areas will likely give you a clear indication of whether manging a programme internally or looking for a managed solution is the right route for your business. 

Talk to us today if you want to further explore how YourChampions from 365Tribe can drive your M365, Copilot or Citizen Developer Networks forward in 2024 and beyond! 

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