Now that Teams is the de-facto App for communication, many of us spend more time crafting Teams posts than emails.Let’s spend a minute looking at how to win at Teams posts. 🏃‍♂️ Quickly start a Teams chat from anywhere in Teams without reaching for your mouse 🚫🐭 a. Press CTRL+N b. Begin typing the name […]

Microsoft Virtual Commute home (part of the Insights App) can help you to finish work on time and prepare for the next day. Forming healthy habits and helping to separate work life from home life 😎 Your Virtual commute home will: Notify you in Teams when it is your official finish time ⏰ Allow you […]

When working on something critical it is useful to have no interruptions for a few minutes. Microsoft encourage us to schedule focus time in our calendars, but sometimes we need focus time now! Hover your mouse pointer over the Teams app in the system tray to switch to Do Not Disturb (to switch off notifications) or another status […]

Word Online and modern versions of the Word desktop app are now capable of proofreading your documents for inclusiveness 😎` The inclusiveness feature can help you avoid bias in your writing based on age, culture, ethnicity, gender and more. 🕵️‍♀️ There are lots of other useful settings in the same place including “Cliche” that helps […]

In medieval times uncharted areas on a map were labelled “here be dragons”.The dragon 🐲 represented potential dangers thought to exist in the unknown.Today as individuals and organisations we still fear and avoid the unknown.A 365Tribe Champion network can help your organisation to remove the fear of the unknown in Microsoft 365. Book a demo […]