Your Adoption Hut

Educating users within an Office 365 environment and keeping them up to speed with the latest tips and tricks can help to ensure users become more productive in their day to day tasks.

Your Engagement: Organisations recognise that in order to drive innovation and increase productivity they must transform their workforce, encourage open communications and engage people, from stakeholders to end users.

Your Journey: Are you transitioning from Skype for Business to Teams or just getting started? Not sure where to begin, that’s ok, this is what we do.

Your Waffle Bars: WAFFLEBARS are engaging events that build excitement and begin to tease the benefits Office 365 will bring.

Your Tribe App: YOURTRIBEAPP, Digital Champions App, helps to grow adoption and improved ways of working by delivering learning interventions and Knowledge checks to motivate champions and reward them with digital credentials.

Your Know How: Educating users within an Office 365 environment helps to ensure users gain knowledge and understand why using the new environment can help them to become more productive in their day to day tasks.

Your Community: A dynamic, community and adoption based central repository for users to access key info and help relating to your Office 365 rollout.

Your Champions: Our YOUR CHAMPIONS program provides a gateway to our champion program and delivers learning interventions, challenges and knowledge checks enabling users to gain digital badging credentials.

Your Story Book: Your Story Book helps to ensure business goals are realised during your transition to Office 365. Whether you are planning on a move to Office 365 or have migrated and need assistance with adoption.

About 365Tribe

365Tribe is a company that is renowned for ensuring global customers achieve successful adoption of their Office 365 workloads. Our passion to motivate and transform global workforce’s, through our Digital Champions Programmes encourages them to adopt a modern way of working enabling you to increase productivity and save money through our range of  exceptional solutions.

Creating Digital Champions and enthusing users to adopt Office 365
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Your Champions Programme

The YOURCHAMPIONS program is designed to engage a community of Champions from the beginning. We’ve created a structured offering that engages your Champions, delivers real world, up to date learning and assesses their competency.

Your Champions Strategy

  • ENGAGE: Identify, recruit, onboard and engage your Champion community
  • LEARN: Micro-learning videos, challenges, on-line training and much more
  • ASSESS: Digital knowledge checks ensure a base level of knowledge
  • REWARD: O365 app or persona based digital badges awarded to Champions
  • INFLUENCE: Engaged, enthused Champions influencing and driving digital transformation
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The team at 365Tribe were delighted to be invited by partners Changing Social and Microsoft to take part in a Digital Champions event that took place at Microsoft Paddington on the 27th November.

Building out an effective Champion Network Event

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1000’s of Digital Badges earned to date.

“Brilliant job, an excellent Scheme that has really benefited our Champions and our business”


Here are what some of our champions had to say.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are asked frequently.

How does your approach to adoption differ from other providers?
As a Microsoft partner, our approach closely follows the Microsoft methodology for adoption. Indeed all of our Adoption Managers are Microsoft Certified Adoption Specialists. Where we differ from the approach taken by more traditional providers is in the way we exploit this. We use a set of unique tools, programs and interventions to build an adoption program tailored to your needs. Our industry leading, cutting edge solutions utilise your existing investment in Office 365 to deliver a range of adoption services that truly embed new working practices and skills within your organisation.
We know we need to start thinking about adoption for Office 365 but we don’t know where to begin, can you help?
Absolutely, our consultants can work with you at the outset of your project to help you understand exactly where your adoption activity should fit in alongside the technical project. This is vital, as building a story for users so they understand exactly what Office 365 can do for them ensures the best rates and pace of adoption. We can help you to truly understand your drivers for Office 365 and start to build the right messaging to your user base. We can then work with you to deliver a comprehensive program of adoption and business change.
We’ve heard about your programs for Digital Champions, how could that help us?
Our industry leading Digital Champions programs create a real buzz with our clients. The concept of ‘Champions’ is not a new one but rates of adoption for Office 365 are up to 74% greater for organisations who use a well-engineered and run network. The biggest criticism of Champions networks are that they are quickly formed but die almost as quickly due to a lack of direction, motivation and reward. 365Tribe buck this trend of declining Champions networks, our programs nurture and encourage Digital Champions to succeed, to be proper Champions. Some of our Digital Champions networks have GROWN by up to 60%, thanks to the unique recognition and reward approach we take.
Do you offer a champions program to cater for a smaller no of users? Under say 1000?
Yes – we can run a champions program for as little as 10 users, scaled down or up dependant on your specific requirements. All of our solutions are customisable, ensuring YOUR champions program delivers what you want it too.
Are your services an ‘out the box’ solution, one size fits all product ?
The 8 adoption pillars which are the spine of 365Tribe can be selected dependant on where you are at in your adoption Journey. Each ‘Pillar’ can be customised and tailored to your requirements, ensuring your digital transformation & adoption is realised. Our solutions encompass your KPIs & Key Business Scenario’s to deliver and exceed your unique, personalised Adoption Strategy.
Surely we just need to give our users some training and they’ll start using Office 365?
Unfortunately this is a common misconception and whilst doing some user training will yield slightly better results than doing nothing, it won’t give you the best outcomes for your project alone.
We have already moved to Office 365 but nobody is using it, can you help?
Yes, of course. Moving to the cloud represents one of the biggest changes in working practice to the general IT user in the last 20 years. Office 365 requires a specific adoption approach to ensure success and it’s not surprising that many organisations that try to do this themselves or often not at all, view their migration as a failure. We can unpick your activities to date and help you to start driving adoption and productivity with Office 365.
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