Event: PowerApps and Flow UK User Group
Session Title: “How to Make Good Decisions when Creating PowerApps”
Date: 7th March 2019
Location: RSM Offices Nottingham

By Rob Pratt

There was a great turn out at the PowerApps and Flow UK User Group in Nottingham, hosted by RSM at their Nottingham Office. I was greeted by some familiar faces from SharePoint user groups (great people always keen to learn and share) and many new people as well. A lot of lively discussion and some friendly heckling was appreciated and made the event fun.
I started my presentation by demonstrating a canvas PowerApp that I had created in approximately 1 hour. The app was a “Heads Up” type game where you and a team play against the clock to identify Office 365 apps (much more fun than identifying animals or film stars).

The app illustrates how we can be creative when building apps. Using combinations of controls and formulas to build unique apps quickly.

The fun stuff over with we then got down to the more serious subject of making good decisions when creating apps. We discussed the intricacies of topics including types of PowerApp, licensing costs, formulas and data storage.

• Make the first app you build something fun – don’t try and build a huge business critical app on your first attempt, it will take time to hone your PowerApps skills.
• PowerApps can be Free or VERY expensive – depending on choices that you make such as where you store your data and the type of app you create. Spend time learning about PowerApps licensing before you build anything in production to avoid unexpected costs later.
• Get good at formulas – canvas apps can use a never-ending number of formulas, get comfortable using simple formulas before getting too ambitious.