Useful Word Keyboard Shortcuts ⌨

Here are some handy keyboard shortcuts to help you be more efficient when using Microsoft Word. By using the mouse less we can reduce the time it takes to complete common tasks. 👍

SHIFT + F3Change case between lowercase, Title Case and CAPITALS. Handy if you have accidentally typed with cAPS lOCK switched on. 
CTRL + and CTRL + [Decrease and increase the size of your text. Quicker than carefully selecting the font size drop down arrow at the top of the screen.
CTRL + SPACEBARRemove formatting from the selected text. Useful for cleaning up a document back to standard formatting. For example, if your text was bold, italic and underline CTRL+SPACEBAR would remove all three of the formatting options in one go.
CTRL + ASelects the entire document. Even if the document is 100 pages long CTRL+A will select it all.
SHIFT + F5Move the cursor back to the last revision e.g. you were typing then scrolled several pages down the document to look at some later text, now when you press SHIFT + F5 you jump back to where you had been typing😎
CTRL+DELETECTRL+BACKSPACEDelete one word to the right and delete one word to the left. Avoid tap, tap, taping on delete or backspace keys over and over again.
CTRL+ ALT+ TInserts Trademark symbol ™
CTRL+ ALT+ RInserts Registered Trademark symbol  ®
CTRL + ALT + CInserts the Copyright symbol ©
CTRL + ALT + 1Applies Heading 1 style.
CTRL + ALT + 2Applies Heading 2 style.
CTRL + 1 Inserts single line spacing.
CTRL + 2Inserts double line spacing.
CTRL + 5Inserts one and a half line spacing.
CTRL + TABIn a table, TAB moves you from one column to the next. So when you need to tab inside a column use CTRL + TAB.

You can view a full list of Keyboard shortcuts by visiting Help in Word and searching for “keyboard shortcuts”.

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