Developing your sustainable Digital Upskill Strategy

The webinar will provide insight into the planning and best practices in developing a sustainable digital upskill strategy for utilising Office 365 within your organisation:

This free 1 hour webinar will be delivered by Office 365 Adoption experts 365Tribe in partnership with leading digital skills platform developers PointSolutions and will walk you through:

  • The recipe for your Digital Upskill Strategy
  • Digital Champion Programme Case Studies and Tips
  • Modern learning methods and digital content
  • How to use an LMS to target, monitor and measure digital skills requirements aligned to business objectives

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Many organisations subscribe to Office 365 for Mail, the Office suite and to move their ‘stuff’ to the cloud, but there is much more value to be had from Teams, the Power Platform, SharePoint Online, Stream etc. It is generally an IT driven project, but the reality is it should be driven by L&D as the value of Office 365 is in digitalising and re-engineering out-of-date processes to improve efficiency, increase productivity, improve communication and collaboration.

In order to provide real value, it is about people and people skills to use the tools, aligned to business objectives.

This exclusive session will be ideal for the current roles.

  • HR Managers
  • HR Directors
  • Learning & Development Managers
  • People and Organisation Development Managers
  • L&D Business Partners
  • HR Business Partners
  • IT Directors
  • CTO
  • People and Ops Managers
  • Ops Directors

You will learn:

  • Insights into Office 365 strategies to help build a business case
  • Understanding of the learning mix to accommodate structured and unstructured learning needs
  • Overview of digital learning content available
  • Example of engagement tactics using Digital Champions programs
  • How to use an LMS to target, monitor and measure digital skills requirements aligned to business objectives


  • Introduction to the key outputs from the session
  • Brief overview of PointSolutions and 365Tribe and why 2 Microsoft accredited  organisations are partnering to drive insight
  • Overview of a 5-pillar strategy for digital upskill
  • Champion programs case studies to showcase and provide tips on how to run such an initiative
  • Digital video content and the modern way to learn
  • Structuring your LMS to provide insight on the skills status within a business
  • Support PointSolutions and 365Tribe can provide

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