Take Control of Headings in Excel

Interacting with large Excel files can be frustrating

Improve the viewing experience by freezing headings; making them alwaysvisible, no matter how much you scroll

There are three Freeze options (found in the View tab):

  • Freeze Panes – freezes all rows above and columns to the left of the cell you are clicked on. In the example below the left image shows Freeze Panes in use. We clicked on B2 and then View, Freeze Panes, Freeze Panes. This freezes column A and row 1.
  • Freeze Top Row – freezes row 1, now when you scroll down the column headings North, South, East and West will always be visible
  • Freeze First Column – freezes column A, now when you scroll to the right the row headings WK1, WK2 etc will always be visible

A slightly thicker line shows where a freeze is currently set. If you have good eyes (or a strong pair of glasses) you can see in the left example the thicker line below row 1 and between column A and B. The image to the right shows the same data with Freeze Panes not switched on #subtle

The equivalent options to show headings when printing can be found in Page Layout, Print Titles then either Rows to repeat at top or Columns to repeat at left.   

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