Simplifying a photo is a great way to ensure your audience is focused on the part of the photo that you intend. Busy backgrounds can be distracting and cause a photo to look out of place in your presentation πŸ™ PowerPoint has three methods for simplifying a photo, in the right situation, all are useful and take only a few seconds to use 😎

ToolWhere is the button? (click on an image)Description
CropPicture Format, CropThen drag the corners of the image to cut.Cut the edges off of a picture
Remove BackgroundPicture Format, Remove BackgroundThen drag your mouse over the areas you wish to keep or remove.Cut around the outline of an object such as a person leaving only the object, See the video example below.
Set Transparency colourPicture Format, Colour, Set Transparent ColorThen click on the colour to remove.Remove a specific colour wherever it is found in the image. Useful to remove simple background or solid colours such as on cartoon type graphics.

The example below show Remove Background being used on a complex background with lots of different colours and patterns. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈWhen identifying the areas of the image to Keep or Remove drag your mouse along an area rather than clicking on a specific spot. This makes it quicker and easier to include and exclude the appropriate areas of the picture.