COVID-19 has created a critical need to move to virtual ways of working for organisations across the globe. Many of those organisations have rapidly enabled remote working with the powerful toolset that makes up Microsoft 365.

This digital transformation to remote working with Microsoft 365 isn’t just about implementation, it requires strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, stewardship, and investment in building adoption and engagement over time.

No matter when it happens, investment in planning will set you up for ongoing success!

Join us for an informative, FREE webinar about how to maximise your investment in Microsoft 365 by:

•Understanding your why – Capturing how Microsoft 365 supports your key business objectives.

•Defining your how – Governance Principles and Planning for sustained success.

•Beyond Endorsement – why getting your leaders engaged is critical to creating real value with Microsoft 365

•Champion Success – Learn how a digital champions programme like YourChampions can help you foster adoption and successful use of your Microsoft 365 investment in pursuit of your business goals.

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