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Most business documents need to be standardised; occasionally you need something eye-catching. Add a unique touch to a document or presentation with text cut βœ‚ out of an image πŸ–Ό The process takes only a few seconds! In Word or PowerPointClick Insert, WordArt then click the top-left option Click Text Fill, Picture… then select your picture Type […]

Free! Bought to you by 365Tribe partner Voitanos, the Mastering the SharePoint Framework Starter Bundle is 100% FREE forever and contains 3 chapters filled with 25 video lessons. In this course bundle, you will learn how to setup and configure your environment for SharePoint Framework development as well as get answers to the “What” and “Why” questions about the SharePoint Framework. Claim […]

365Tribe partner Voitanos are introducing some great offers this month, including the Mastering the SharePoint Framework – Ultimate Bundle available for just $749. Immediate access to the Starter, Fundamentals & Ultimate Bundles of the Mastering the SharePoint Framework course 15+ additional chapters covering advanced development concepts for SharePoint Framework Includes all updates to existing videos and new content added in the future, […]

Changing Teams Emoji Colours! Did you know you can change the colour of Teams emoji’s? For example; to make a heart yellowΒ πŸ’›Β in the chat text box, type colon and the words yellow_heart to select a yellow heart, or type colon and the word thumb to choose which thumb you want to useΒ πŸ‘ For more 365Tribe […]

Tribe Remote Working TipsΒ  With many of us unexpectedly working from home, the bark of a dog πŸ• or laugh of a child πŸ§’ (lets be honest probably a cry) can be distracting during online meetings. Use the ‘Mute All’ feature to temporarily mute everyone apart from you. Blissful silence (apart from the chaos in […]

365Tribe has teamed up with PointSolutions to offer you the latest Office 365 based Learning Management System, fully loaded with over 180 up to date Office 365 Digital Learning Content– the best of both worlds!   LearningPoint365, PointSolution’s modern LMS Platform with integrated YourKnowHow Digital Learning Content ensures your users can access up to date […]