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Wow, three years already! Happy Birthday to 365Tribe, What a great way to spend our third year anniversary. The 365tribe team had an amazing time catching up with everyone socially, outside of working virtually! A huge thanks to everyone who attended and helped in organising such a great day. We started the day buggy racing in which Garrydene said […]

Simplifying a photo is a great way to ensure your audience is focused on the part of the photo that you intend. Busy backgrounds can be distracting and cause a photo to look out of place in your presentation PowerPoint has three methods for simplifying a photo, in the right situation, all are useful and […]

Microsoft Virtual Commute home (part of the Insights App) can help you to finish work on time and prepare for the next day. Forming healthy habits and helping to separate work life from home life 😎 Your Virtual commute home will: Notify you in Teams when it is your official finish time ⏰ Allow you […]

In medieval times uncharted areas on a map were labelled “here be dragons”.The dragon 🐲 represented potential dangers thought to exist in the unknown.Today as individuals and organisations we still fear and avoid the unknown.A 365Tribe Champion network can help your organisation to remove the fear of the unknown in Microsoft 365. Book a demo […]

We are excited to be sponsoring the European Collaboration Summit due to take place in Dusseldorf, Germany on the 29th November 2021. If you haven’t yet registered for this event we recommend you secure your place soon! 3 days 2 summits The Worlds Best Microsoft Azure Experts Full-day tutorials The leading #Microsoft Azure focused conference in Europe! Register […]

Most business documents need to be standardised; occasionally you need something eye-catching. Add a unique touch to a document or presentation with text cut βœ‚ out of an image πŸ–Ό The process takes only a few seconds! In Word or PowerPointClick Insert, WordArt then click the top-left option Click Text Fill, Picture… then select your picture Type […]

Author: Rob Pratt, Head of Product Development, 365Tribe When first using an app, we focus on the basics. We want to be competent and efficient as soon as possible. Hopefully gaining benefits often referred to as β€œquick wins”, including time savings, improved accuracy, better presentation, and other desirable outcomes. After the initial quick wins and […]