Champion from anywhere

Reach ALL of your Champions

The YOURTRIBEAPP is our unique mobile app, developed to provide organisations with a simplified solution that recruits, educates and incentivises Champions to want to know more. We encourage communication, collaboration and creating a groundswell of competition rewarded through digital badging. This enables users to gain rewards in a fun motivational environment and become self-promoted ‘Champions’.

Delivered as the complete solution either stand alone or supported by our engaging Champions Packages,  our TribeApp enables Field Workers, Front Line Workers, or Office employees simple access to your own Champion Community.

365Tribe work with you to onboard your Champions into the YourTribeApp. Simple to deploy, the Mobile App is designed for all users, its clean UI makes it easy to navigate,  access from anywhere and takes Champions on an adoption journey with rewards along the way.  The result of this is a thriving, educated and growing Champion network which is constantly recruiting, on-boarding and engaging.


Rapidly deployed...days not weeks

  • Rapid Deployment using Office 365
  • Champions Onboarding
  • Self-Service Approach
  • Full Office 365 Video Library
  • Monthly Champions Webinars
  • Champions Challenges and Activities
  • Knowledge Checks
  • Digital Badging Credentials
  • In-App League Tables
  • On-demand Expert Support

Put the learning in your Champions hands!

Easily tailored to your project, workloads, personas and business scenarios

The YourTribe App can be fully customised with your own Visual Identity, Business Scenarios and focused on key Workloads.

Critical to the success of your network is to find Champions with the right skills and qualities. We can assist you with identifying great Champions, first time around. We work with you to tailor the App based on your Visual Identity, Selected Office 365 Apps to suit your Migration Journey and assist you with onboarding your community of Champions and users.

Watch as the gamification unravels! Our YourTribeApp is proven to engage, motivate and educate Champions, wherever they are and wherever they are based.

Reward with In-App Digital Badging

Our gamified approach creates an atmosphere of friendly competition within your Champion network. Furthermore it provides structure and incentivises Champions to remain engaged, learning and demonstrating value to your business.


Reward and acknowledgement are key levers within Champion networks to ensure the networks remains confident, capable, engaged and thriving. Champions can display their achievements through the supplied Digital Badge in email signatures and social profiles.

Inter company/departmental leagues are also generated to provide key information for the Champions and Business.

Influence...It's spreading the word!

Digital transformation is most successful when driven and supported by an engaged, influential network of Champions. Microsoft research suggests adoption of Office 365 is 74% greater when supported by a successful network of Champions.

Our proven, structured approach along with our integrated Champions Challenges  gives you the reassurance that you are creating industry leading Champions with real influence.

It's simple a model!


choose your subscription

Programme duration 

App Set-Up and Deployment 

Champions OnBoarding 1 Hour Webinar

Regular staged reviews inline with your roll out

Champions Key Topic 1 Hour Webinars

Custom Online 1 Hour Webinar Sessions

Integrated Video Learning including updates

Integrated Champions Challenges

Integrated Knowledge Checks

Microsoft Teams Integration

In-App League Tables and Reporting

Digital Credential Badging


£4,000 per annum

12 Months




1 per month



£8,500 per annum 

12 Months




1 per month 



£13,500 per annum

12 Months 




1 per month 



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We are the Champions!


The team at 365Tribe were delighted to be invited by partners Changing Social and Microsoft to take part in a Digital Champions event that took place at Microsoft Paddington, London.

Building out an effective Champion Network Event

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1000’s of Digital Badges earned to date. Here are what some of our champions had to say.