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Office 365 Digital Learning Content. Reimagined.

Our Office 365 videos have been developed by our internal team of Office 365 experts and are designed to be short 2-4 minute bite sized, instructor narrated ‘How to’ Videos focusing on the latest what’s new features and everyday tasks a user would need to understand from within the Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 environments.

Our videos capture key information to help users know how to make the most of the environment without impacting on their day to day duties, so users can quickly find the video topic they need to help them without spending time trawling through hours of video content.

The videos are updated monthly to ensure they remain up to date, providing users with simple access to video learning on-demand.

YOURKNOWHOW enables users to instantly learn new tips and tricks and share their findings with colleagues. ​

“The videos available are great end users love them. The 365Tribe team are always super friendly and helpful to!”

Not just the 'how to' also the 'why'

Tribe Philosophy Explainer Videos 

In many organisations, Office 365 is often hampered by misunderstandings and a lack of adoption. The first step in the correct use of Office 365 is to gain a healthy understanding of what Office 365 is and how it will benefit you. At 365Tribe we describe this as philosophy. A unique set of Tribe Philosophy videos are included with each YourKnowHow subscription covering the following topics.

Our Tribe Philosophy topics include:

  • Office 365 What is Office 365
  • Office 365 What is Teams?
  • Office 365 What is SharePoint Online?
  • Office 365 What is Yammer?
  • Office 365 What is Stream?
  • Office 365 What is Sway?
  • Office 365 What is PowerApps
  • Office 365 What is Planner?
  • Office 365 What is OneDrive?
  • Office 365 What is OneNote?
  • Office 365 What is Forms?
  • Office 365 What is Delve?
  • Office 365 How to use help?
  • Office 365 Why are there three ways to read my emails?
  • Office 365 Word Desktop v’s Word Online
  • Office 365 Co-authoring in Office 365?
  • Office 365 Which app should I use when?

What's included?

  • Over 180 up to date Office 365 Videos
  • 2-4 minute bite sized learning
  • Designed to focus on key day to day tasks
  • Simple tips and tricks to increase productivity
  • Full narrated by an Office 365 Expert
  • Full HD with Captions
  • Enthuses users to try new ways of working
  • Simple deployment, Azure, Stream, SCORM Compliant
  • Monthly content updates inline with Office 365
  • French captions available and ability to provide multi-lingual content
  • Custom video development available

Office 365 Topics

  • Delve
  • Excel
  • Power Automate
  • Forms
  • OneDrive
  • OneNote
  • Outlook
  • Planner
  • PowerApps
  • PowerBI
  • PowerPoint
  • SharePoint
  • Stream
  • Sway
  • Teams
  • Windows 10
  • Word
  • Yammer

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Our YourKnowHow video library gives you instant access to on-demand learning that fits into your users day to day activities. Our library can also be complimented with your own custom videos, designed and created by our in-house experts and customised to reflect your brand, culture and key business scenario messaging.


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