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We are passionate about bringing people Together, through our Rewarding and Inspiring approach, delivering Bespoke adoption solutions that continue to Evolve and promote a new modern way of working.

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the way we communicate and work with each other. Organisations recognise that in order to drive innovation and increase productivity they must transform their workforce, encourage open communications and engage people, from stakeholders to end users.

Any organisation embarking on a move to a new modern way of working, can maximise the success of the project by ensuring they communicate their plans with their users to create awareness, incentivise and ensure users are intrigued about the possibilities the new platform will bring.

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  • Visual identity creation/Brand Development
  • Awareness and Campaign planning
  • Communications Templates and Scheduling
  • Custom Programme Launch Videos
  • Campaign scripts
  • Promotional Materials
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Engaging users early in the adoption process, prior to go-live can help to ensure successful user adoption. WAFFLEBARS are engaging events that build excitement and begin to tease the benefits Office 365 will bring. ​

These catered events play on the ‘waffle’ in Office 365 and entice users to attend with the promise of sweet waffles. ​

Typically set within the office restaurant area, users are shown very specific ways in which they can streamline the way they work by utilising Office 365. Built around a specific set of Key Business Scenarios which reflect your key drivers for Office 365 adoption these highly interactive sessions provide key outcomes:​

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  • Build enthusiasm for adopting new ways of working
  • Create a circle of influence
  • Delivering business change messaging
  • Increase user awareness and engagement​
  • Reduce user trepidation
  • Increase consumption and adoption​
  • Open a channel for feedback to the project team and sponsors​
  • Opportunity to gather questions and build FAQs
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Delivered through Microsoft Teams our YOURCHAMPIONS program provides users with an engaging platform that surveys their current knowledge of Office 365, provides a gateway to our champion program and delivers learning interventions, challenges and knowledge checks enabling users to gain digital badging credentials.

This program is designed to motivate champions and helps to create a groundswell of competition through our gamification strategy.

The entire program is managed by the 365Tribe team, who regularly share information badges achieved, league table reporting and deliver digital badges designed  for each of the Apps you are introducing to the business.

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Key benefits:

  • Digital Champions Onboarding
  • Integrated Office 365 Video Learning
  • Monthly Champions Webinars on key Office 365 topics
  • Custom Office 365 Webinar Sessions
  • Champions Challenges and Activities
  • Digital Knowledge Checks
  • Rewards & Gamification
  • Digital Badging Credentials
  • League Tables
  • On-demand Office 365 Expert Support
  • Dedicated Office 365 Community Administrator
  • Dedicated Office 365 Expert Programme Manager

Office 365 Digital Learning Content


Our YOURKNOWHOW Video subscription provides you with short 2-4 minute bite sized, instructor narrated videos focusing on the latest what’s new features from within the Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 environments. Our videos capture key information to help users understand how to make the most of the environment without impacting on their day to day duties. Find out more >

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YOURKNOWHOW Video Subscription Includes:

  • Over 150 Up to date Office 365 Videos
  • 2-4 Minute Bite Sized Learning
  • Designed to focus on key day to day tasks
  • Simple tips and tricks to increase productivity
  • Fully narrated by an Office 365 Expert
  • Full HD with Captions
  • Enthuses users to try new ways of working
  • Simple deployment, Azure, Stream, SCORM Compliant
  • Monthly content updates inline with Office 365
  • Multi -Lingual caption options available

Office 365 Workshops

Educating users within an Office 365 environment and keeping them up to speed with the latest tips and tricks can help to ensure users gain knowledge and understand why using the new environment can help them to become more productive in their day to day tasks.

365Tribe delivers learning via our YOURKNOWHOW selection of products and services, designed to provide users with short focused learning on the latest features and tips and tricks, using key business scenarios and use cases.

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User Enablement Services include:

  • Custom Tailored Workshops on-site or online
  • Short webinar sessions focusing on key topics
  • Drop in Clinics
  • Digital Transformation Executive Briefings
  • Live Lunch and Learn Sessions
  • Train the Trainer
  • Hints & Tips Guide Development
  • Office 365 Discovery Workshops

Employee motivation has been known to improve engagement, it is recognised that motivated employees are more productive and keen to embrace a new way of working.

The YOURTRIBEAPP has been developed to provide organisations with a unique solution that enables users to access our on-demand Office 365 video library from their mobiles, complete knowledge checks to reinforce learning and earn digital badges. The YourTribeApp complements our Digital Champions Programmes by ensuring your users have access to up to date Office 365 learning at a time convenient to them. Motivated by the desire to achieve Digital Badges users soon begin learning the key tasks they need to know within an Office 365 environment whilst understanding the benefit the new environment will bring.

The YOURTRIBEAPP is easily deployed using your existing Office 365 investment.

Key benefits:

  • Educate ALL of your Users
  • Rapid deployment using your existing Office 365 licenses
  • On-demand video learning
  • Monthly video updates
  • Self-service approach
  • Knowledge Checks to reinforce learning
  • Digital Badge Credentials
  • Reporting
  • Find a Champion Feature
  • Compliments our Digital Champions Programmes
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The team at 365Tribe were delighted to be invited by partners Changing Social and Microsoft to take part in a Digital Champions event that took place at Microsoft Paddington last November.

Building out an effective Champion Network Event

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1000’s of Digital Badges earned to date. Here are what some of our champions had to say.