Now that Teams is the de-facto App for communication, many of us spend more time crafting Teams posts than emails.
Let’s spend a minute looking at how to win at Teams posts.

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Quickly start a Teams chat from anywhere in Teams without reaching for your mouse 🚫🐭

a. Press CTRL+N

b. Begin typing the name of the person you want to chat with, press TAB to select the person (you often won’t need to type their full name)

c. Tab once more to move to the content area of the chat

d. Type your message e. Press ENTER to send the post

😠 When copying content from other sources into a Teams post, the formatting of the content can cause it to look inconsistent and unprofessional. Instead of pasting with CTRL+V, try using CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste without formatting. The result is clean content that doesn’t look out of place in your post.

🚫 Do you ever send a message before you are ready? (this is particularly frustrating in Teams where you are not allowed to edit or delete your posts). Avoid this by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+X before you start typing the post. This opens the compose box. Now you can type and press enter without sending 😎 To send the post you can use the shortcut CTRL+ENTER.

Not a fan of keyboard shortcuts? you can also open the compose box with the compose icon.

πŸ”— To add a hyperlink to a post (without need to open the compose box) use the shortcut CTRL+K