Mouse 🖱 movements are often the quickest way to select and move content. When using your mouse to carefully position content in an Office document we often hold our breath and tense up 🙁. The Cursor Keys (arrows) on your keyboard ⌨ are perfect for stress-free fine detail work and finishing touches.

You can 👉nudge objects 🖼 📊 effortlessly in to place with the Cursor Keys 😎

In PowerPoint, when using the mouse to position content visual aids help you to align your object with others that are nearby. Sometimes you do not wish to align and instead want to move the objects until they look good to you, this is when nudging with Cursor Keys can be useful. In this example, we use the mouse in PowerPoint to place an image approximately, then use using Cursor Keys to nudge down ⬇ and to the left ⬅ to achieve the desired position.

🕵️‍♀️ Cursor Keys are also useful when working with text. Use CTRL+⬅ to jump a word to the left. This is handy when you want to quickly jump a few words back in a document to make an update without reaching for the mouse.