Office 365 Discovery Workshop

Office 365 Discovery Workshop

Duration:            2 days (1-day on-site and 1-day remote report write-up)

Audience:           Key Stakeholders

Technology:       Office 365 cloud

Instructor:          Ant Clay



Moved or planning a move to Office 365? The morning session of this 1-day workshop provides key stakeholders with the opportunity to gain expert Best Practice advice and assistance to help them understand their vision for Office 365 and the challenges and opportunities the new platform brings.

The afternoon session builds on the mornings workshop by identifying the current ways of working through teams, cross business, and external departments and how this can be facilitated and mapped across the various applications within an Office 365 environment.

Morning session

  • Company Insights
    • Company overview
    • O365 delivery capability overview
    • What O365 is currently being used for
  • Cover Story Activity (Group Collaborative work)
    • What is your vision for O365 in the business?
  • Sailboat Activity (Group Collaborative work)
    • Identifying the value of O365 for your business
    • Current challenges and scenarios

Afternoon session

  • Identify key future “ways of working” (Group Collaborative work)
  • Identify the “ways of working” / what they do.
    • What type of work is it (Collaborative, process driven, document management)?
    • Identify “key collaborators”
    • Identify key functionality required to support that “way of working”
  • Interactive High-level mapping of “ways of working” to O365 apps
    • Discuss the ways of working, the options and what aligns best for the organisation.
  • Q&A
    • Opportunity for specific questions to be raised and discussed


  • Post session report write up
  • Recommendations (O365 apps aligned to “new ways of working”)
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