Your webcam is a useful tool when communicating during online meetings. Seeing you on camera can help people to better understand your message. In this tip we look at what you can to do before and during a meeting to improve webcam usage. Before a Meeting

  • Light source – a source of light placed behind your camera whether it be a window or artificial light will best illuminate you. A small change to lighting can make a big difference “Rob are you working in a cave today?”.
  • Position of camera – Ideally your webcam will be on your eye level. If the camera is too low we suffer from the never flattering “up nose cam 👃”. You could put your laptop on a book or adjust the angle of your screen. When adjustment is not possible an external webcam could be the solution.

During a Meeting

  • I don’t want to look at myself! – Click the … next to your name then Hide for me to minimise your own webcam preview, you no longer need to look at yourself during the meeting. Everyone else can still see you.
  • Presenter Mode – When selecting which desktop or application to share try the three other presenter modes (settings pictured below). This allows you more control over how your webcam will appear during the meeting. For example, Reporter mode displays your webcam larger and makes the shared screen smaller. An update to this feature now also allows you to choose if your webcam appears to the left or the right of your content. ⚠ Recordings of the meeting do not show presenter modes, instead it appears as though presenter modes were not in use.
  • Spotlight – To make specific colleagues webcams more prominent click the … next to their name then select Add Spotlight
    The spotlight makes those colleague more visible to all attendees of the meeting not just you. Colleagues that are in the spotlight can click an option at the top of the screen to Exit spotlight so they are no longer featured.
  • Swap Webcam and Shared Screen – While a presenter with a webcam is sharing their screen attendees can click on the presenters webcam picture to enlarge it. This process swaps the webcam in to the larger window where the shared screen usually shows 😎 This only changes the view for that individual not all attendees.

🆕Coming soon – Turn off Mirror my videos -If you have worn something with writing on during a Teams meeting you will have noticed that in your webcam preview the writing was backwards. This back to front view only shows to you not other attendees! A new feature will allow you to select whether your preview should show the text the correct way round. When the new feature is available it can be selected when you first join a meeting along with the other settings for your webcam and microphone.