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Our Digital Champions love sharing the latest Microsoft 365 Tips and Tricks with their colleagues.

Here’s a selection of tips our Champions from all over the world, have learned and use on a regular basis.

Champions Tips!

Vanessa's Tip: 🔑 Key Combination - Safe and Quick

Do you leave your laptop 🚶‍♂‍?
Don’t forget to lock 🔒 your laptop💻
👉 How? Windows key + L on your laptop keyboard 🎹
👉 Additional safety 💪

Damir's Tip: Live Captions!

``With the possibility of Live Captions in Video Meeting or any Trainings in Teams, it is so easy to understand the topic for people with different language proficiency or for participants in quite loud places. To turn them on when you're in a Teams meeting, simply click the three dots and select turn on live captions``

Thomas' Tip: How to better work on a document collaboratively:

``We often need to work on documents collaboratively. Often even across company borders. Very often with tight timelines. And even less time available…

So rather than emailing a document to dozens of people expecting (hoping?) that someone could eventually consolidate all versions and comments it is way better to simply put the document into a Teams Channel.

You can even send a message alongside the documents to those who are affected or invite them into an according channel to ensure they are included.

Then everyone can work (even simultaneously!) on the document and can see everyone’s comments, additions, and edits. No duplicate work. No reinvention of the wheel.”

Sharon's Tip: easy copying with CTRL+Drag

1. Click the file in Windows Explorer of the image/text box in the office app (e.g. PPT),
2. Hold down both the “CTRL” key and the mouse, then click and drag to another position to COPY

Leanne's Tip: SharePoint Version History!

``SharePoint is a probably the golden child of O365, able to do almost all that its fellow apps can do with front end intranet capabilities and backend data storage. With SharePoint the data management possibilities are considerable and impressive in simplicity and deliverables. However if introducing SharePoint to someone, it would be remiss to not start with ‘Version History’.

‘Version History’ provides insight into the history of a document, giving the viewer the ability to see who has changed it and when it was changed. You can also view all older versions and restore them thereby replacing the current version, however the current version can still be viewed with the ‘Version History’ afterward.

There are so many ways in which this can improve the end-user experience but, from personal experience, removing that awful sinking feeling when you accidentally overwrite a document is honestly worth its weight in gold. Often these scenarios can be resolved via your companies IT support team but that wait can sometimes take hours/days. Now the mistake can be resolved in seconds and calm restored to your workday.``

Roberto's Tip: Quick DeskTop

``My favourite Microsoft 365 Tip is for sure the Windows + M shortcut, which directs you to your desktop view despite the number of windows you opened.
It may save a lot of “reduce to icon” clicks`` 😊

Kirill's Tip: Scanning with mobile OneDrive app

``During this pandemic year and with most of the time spent working from home, my favorite tip in Microsoft 365 was the ability to make scanned pdf documents with OneDrive mobile application. I’ve shared this tip with my colleagues who were also very excited about this feature. Because not everybody has classic scanners at their home offices, but everyone have cell phones.``

``The quality of scanned file is equal to classic scanners and you don’t need to surf the app store in order to find applications for scanning documents.``

Ian's Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts

``To bring up a list of all available keyboard shortcuts in Teams you just need to press Ctrl and full stop. It’s a great way to see what shortcuts are available, and to help to get accustomed to using them``

Julie's Tip: 🎵 “Let’s do the screen snap again – it’s just a jump to the left!” 🎵

``By hitting the windows button plus the left or right arrow, you can quickly make your current view fill one half of your screen, and you are then presented with the choice of which other app or file appears in the other half.``

``I chose this because I am working from home on a laptop screen and it has really made it much easier to work on two different views very quickly. I’ve shared this tip time and time again and it’s probably one of the most popular tips with my colleagues too!``

Sarah's Tip: Navigate Microsoft Teams with ease!

``My favourite Microsoft 365 Tip is something I picked up from one of the Tribe Webinars and I have been using it ever since and sharing with my colleagues!``
``It’s the Teams “back/forward” arrows (top left corner of the screen), it gives you the ability to navigate forward and backward like you would with the forward and back buttons in your web browser. I find it extremely useful now that I am using Teams in my day to day role``

Wendy's Tip: Emoji Fun 😁

``Teams is a great work environment where co-workers can share data, collaborate on ideas and issues, keep up to date on what is going on, etc. But since we don’t always get physical interaction with the people in our teams it can be hard to communicate effectively or feel comfortable. There are a few things in Teams we can do to help lighten this up. One is the use of Emojis. You can click on the emoji button and get dozens of emojis you can choose from. These emojis can help us show emotion when our team can’t see our faces or hear our voice. You can also use the search line to find even more emojis, or type a “:” in front of a word in your chat box and quickly find the emoji you are looking for.``

Loris's Tip: Each app is connected to each other with Office 365!

``After understanding this simple concept the way to work with Office 365 will become very easy``

Henok's Tip: Make use of ‘Tell Me’

``A text field where you can enter words and phrases about what you want to do next, and quickly get to features you want to use or actions you want to perform. When editing a document, spreadsheet, or presentation in Office Online, you can access Tell me by tapping the light bulb to the right of the tabs as seen in the image below``

Amit's Tip: Search within a Channel or Chat

If you wish to search for something within a channel or chat. Go to the channel or chat, press your favourite command Ctrl+F , then type what you want to search for. You'll get results from just that channel or chat. The function also works for one on one and group chats 😊