Word Online and modern versions of the Word desktop app are now capable of proofreading your documents for inclusiveness 😎` The inclusiveness feature can help you avoid bias in your writing based on age, culture, ethnicity, gender and more. 🕵️‍♀️ There are lots of other useful settings in the same place including “Cliche” that helps you to avoid over used expressions. The example below shows the Inclusiveness settings in the Word Desktop app.

To review your inclusiveness settings for all future Word documents in the Word desktop app: a. Open the Word desktop app b. In the ribbon at the top of the screen click Editor, then click Settings (pictured above) c. Next to Writing Style click Settings d. Scroll towards the bottom of the list of options e. In the Inclusiveness category select one or more options f. Click OK, then OK again to save your settings If you do not have the latest version of the Word desktop app you can use the same inclusiveness feature in Word Online 😎