Online meetings can be ruined by poor audio quality. Here are a few simple steps to improve call quality and stop you getting a headache.

  1. Can’t hear someone clearly? – tell them, they can’t hear themselves and probably have no idea that their audio is not clear.
  2. Don’t have a headset? – when talking make sure your speaker volume is not high, this is the number one cause of echo in meetings.
    Even if it is other people that can hear the echo it can be you ☝️ that is causing it.
  3. If you have a headset 🎧 use it – when you talk the headset cuts down background noise from your surroundings and helps you to hear the call more clearly.
  4. In a noisy location? 🐕 😺 👶 🏗️ – set your Noise suppression settings appropriately. In the top-right corner of Teams click the , then Settings, then Devices. Use High in noisy locations to reduce even loud background noises significantly.
  5. Only need to say a few words in a busy meeting? use CTRL and SPACE BAR to briefly unmute yourself like using a walkie talkie
  6. In large meetings mute when not talking – even if you are wearing a headset and in a quiet location there can still be unexpected noises 🤧